Pay per click - PPC

Pay per click - PPC Pakistan

Pay per click or PPC lies at the top of SEO marketing categories. It helps you to stay by those keywords that help in canvassing and securing a better and higher rank in search engine optimization. You need to pay a price when a visitor clicks on the link or enters a related search keyword in the search engine. You are required to pay only for the clicks so it is a cost effective way to drive traffic to your site.

At H3 Solutions we provide PPC services that help you to obtain the highest traffic to your website at low cost. With PPC it takes comparatively lesser time to drive more people in to viewing your brand and business when compared to SEO which takes long time to achieve high ranking. We make sure that your paid search advertising campaign is set up properly, your ads are copied to meet search engine requirements for customizing the search, and the keyword bidding used is competitive.

We provide you with daily backups to update your paid advertisement campaigns to meet the requirements of refined search to be at the top of the search category and also to pay reduced per click charges. We take in to account that your product promotion should be such that it meets the customer‘s requirements. The highest advantage is that it requires payment only if someone clicks the link.