PayPal Payment integration

PayPal Payment integration experts in Kerala Pakistan

PayPal is nothing but an online system for transferring your funds over the internet. We provide PayPal facilities to our clients that facilitate people to use encrypted software to transfer funds. This simple method has made online payment very easy and simple.

Some of the basic features that PayPal provides include:-

  • Purchase and sale of goods and services both offline and online
  • Send or receive payments through online auctions for any websites including e-Bay
  • Either deposit or receive donations
  • Money exchange over the globe

It is not necessary the sender or receiver needs to have a PayPal account to transact or send money. The receiver or sender needs to have an Email Id which is valid. The receiver will receive the funds only if the mail id is associated to a PayPal account. The accounts can be set up free of cost initially; even you can conduct a few of the transactions free of cost. This holds true for all merchandise operations including the purchase of goods using a PayPal account.

The following are the featured products of PayPal that we provide at 2baseTechnologies-

Express Checkout- This process includes very few transaction procedures and it provides our clients with minimum number of steps before the customer clicks on checkout.

PayPal Payments Advanced- This system provides the merchants with facility to collect their payments online either through PayPal Express Checkout or using the credit card.

Adaptive Payments-It facilitates automated payment modes and the merchants and customers can make payments to anyone they wish.