OS Commerce Web Development

OS Commerce Web Development

OS Commerce Web Development

OS Commerce Web Development palakkad kerala Pakistan

One of the oldest forms of E-commerce is the OS commerce. It has been used for hosting online shops. For online shops you need a 24/7 support which is what H3 Solutions is ready to provide you with. It is considered to be the base for other forms of E-commerce such as Magento, Zen Cart and PrestaShop. All these forms of E-commerce have been derived from OS Commerce and we provide a team of technical professional who are experts in the field.

It does not need a huge investment for OS Commerce hosting. All that you need is to have XML support, PHP and MySQL support. The other specifications include Zend optimizer and GD Lib support. Our system for hosting OS Commerce meets all these specifications and helps our client in hosting resources that are necessary for managing the website successfully.

The other features that are offered in combination include-

  • It helps in balancing the load
  • Balances the server software configuration
  • Customizing the server setup
  • The hosted website has extensible features
  • You can add in new features and functionalities as per requirements
  • Our technical team is always available to provide the clients with the necessary support 24/7

OS Commerce is considered to be the best form of E-commerce as it offers shipping as well as downloading products as per customer requirements. Customers who are not familiar with navigation and other features of a website can easily shop using OS commerce as it provides an user friendly interface which helps in easy navigation.

OS Commerce needs an uninterrupted service which is available throughout and this is possible with us as we understand your requirements and provide a 24/7 set up and hosting of your services. No matter how big or small your business is, H3 Solutions can provide you with the OS Commerce hosting at its best.