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Open Source Frameworks

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We always place priority to minimize the amount of time that is spent on developing applications. To reduce the development time that is normally spent on normal application development, we decided to include CakePHP frameworks in our applications. This effort has proved to be fruitful and profitable in effective utilization of time.

CakePHP is used as an open source web application framework. It combines all the concepts of software engineering and software design patterns including MVC structure, and data modeling. The main contribution is in prototype building. It ignites code generation at a very fast pace when combined with prototyping.

We use CakePHP mainly to make the applications user friendly as it does not involve the complicated XML or YAML files. At H3 Solutions we depend on CakePHP as it helps in building social sites and website portals with customized API. Another benefit of using CakePHP is that it helps to keep the code standardized by combining it with PHP, the programmer’s language.

Following are some of the advantages of using CakePHP as an open source CMS for application development-

  • It supports easy installation and operation of software tools
  • It is easy to learn and manage
  • The websites developed with CakePHP exhibit the following features-
    • - Effective content managements
    • - CakePHP offers multilingual options
    • - The fields and templates are customized
    • - Option for form feeds
    • - RSS comments and much more

CakePHP supports MVC architecture, Ajax, CRUD Scaffolding, Zero Configuration and ACL functionality and security.


At H3 Solutions we make use of Zend framework as an open source framework for efficient project development. It makes use of object-oriented features and is simple and easy to use. Our PHP programmers prefer to combine PHP with Zend to create complicated web applications that follows MVC architecture. It facilitates the code reusability feature.

Zend is an open source framework that helps you to develop applications eliminating the difficulty of including bunches of code throughout the application development process. We benefit from the following advantages while using Zend framework-

  • Simplicity and easy to handle features. Our PHP programmers have always benefitted from the minimal functionalities present in the library which facilitates customization.
  • It is rich in components that helps to improve the functionality and productivity
  • MVC, Tooling and Rapid Development (RAD) kit are some of the major components that it supports
  • The framework is highly flexible and offers maximum support to all the latest components and functionalities of PHP
  • It supports the creation of URL’s which are search engine friendly
  • It also facilitates the usage of all the components without the need to redevelop these all over again

At H3 Solutions we follow the MVC architecture and Zend supports it well. The importance of this design is that it acts as an interface between the code and design structure. This facility has helped our PHP developers to conveniently develop applications.

The application set ups might be a tedious task initially but this can be eased with the Tooling and Rapid Application Development Kit that is available. It facilitates the PHP programmers to develop application models on any database engine they need.

Our PHP programmers enjoy the facility to add various languages to the web applications they develop using the various tools supplied by Zend.


It has been found that PHP can be effectively utilized by combining it with CodeIgnitor. We make use of CodeIgnitor in our applications. CodeIgnitor helps in developing web applications that have advanced features. The best part of using it is that it follows the MVC architecture which we usually use in our applications. You can rely on us if you wish to port your existing code using PHP framework which can be easily achieved with CodeIgnitor.

It is very easy to follow and understand and is very simple to operate. The operations can be carried out a very high speed and thus we save a lot of valuable time. The operations appear to be very clear and open and hence it becomes very easy to handle the applications developed using CodeIgnitor. The method used for working with the models is very simple and user friendly.

We make use of simple commands in CodeIgnitor to mime SQL queries. It is also possible to create objects, load them and call methods for customizing the task. Data validation is provided by making use of validation classes. A validation object is used to validate the data passed through the URL. We have enjoyed the following benefits using CodeIgnitor –

  • Migrating or shifting across servers is easy and does not involve any kind of complications.
  • It is easy to install
  • It provides for easy customization. It allows the addition of new functionalities without affecting the already existing customization
  • When combined with MVC architecture it offers flexibility and makes it easily manageable
  • It supports active record implementation
  • It has a collection of libraries which helps in providing the maximum support for project development

The CodeIgnitor PHP framework has always helped us to develop exceptional applications.